DATE            BAND                                             CITY                              VENUE

02/27/18   Rempis/Pabian/Daisy                       Chicago, IL                Copernicus Center

02/28/18   Rempis/Lopez/Packard                    Milwaukee, WI          Acme Records
03/01/18   Rempis/Lopez/Packard                    Lafayette, IN              Spot Tavern
03/04/17   Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker             Chicago, IL                Hungry Brain
03/07/18   Rempis/Maunu/Sudderberg            Chicago, IL                Splice Series @ The Beat Kitchen
03/09/18   Rempis/Branch/Flaten/Ostvang       St Johan, AU              ArtActs Festival
03/10/18   Rempis/Branch/Flaten/Ostvang       Antwerp, BE               Sound In Motion
03/11/18   Rempis/Branch/Flaten/Ostvang       Trondheim, NO          FriForm @ Dokkhuset
03/12/18   Rempis/Branch/Flaten/Ostvang       Opphaug, NO           UPOP
03/13/18   Rempis/Branch/Flaten/Ostvang       Oslo, NO                  Blowout @ Cafe Mir
03/14/18   Rempis/Branch/Flaten/Ostvang       Bergen, NO               Bergen Kjøtt
03/22/18   Rempis/Lopez/Hunt                         Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
03/31/18   Rempis/Piet/Daisy                            Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
04/02/18   Dave Rempis/Mars Williams Duo     Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
04/12/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Champaign, IL            University of Illinois
04/13/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Milwaukee, WI          The Sugar Maple
04/14/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Madison, WI              Arts Lit Lab
04/15/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Minneapolis, MN       Jazz Central Studios
04/17/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Cleveland, OH           Bop Stop
04/18/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Detroit, MI                  Trinosophes
04/19/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
04/20/18   Rempis/Johnston/Ochs                     Rockford, IL                 One Spirit Center
05/02/18   Duo w/Adriana Durant (dance)         Chicago, IL                  Outer Space
05/16/18   Duo w/Adriana Durant (dance)         Chicago, IL                  Outer Space
05/31/18   Dave Rempis/Russ Johnson Duo         Chicago, IL                  Comfort Station